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    Free PMP Exam Question – PMBOK 5

    Number of View :6802

    PMBOK 5 has replaced the PMBOK 4 as the base of PMP and CAPM exam as of August 1, 2013. PMP Simulators for PMP Exam is revised to reflect this and PMHUB is publishing FREE exam questions for your benefit and to get an idea of the quality of the market leading [...]

    My Tips & Tricks in getting PMP

    Number of View :759

    Updated march 17, 2014 1) treat this as a project: today is your start day and decide a target finish date (2 months is enough)


    Road Map to your PMP Certification

    Number of View :1390

    Want to be a PMP? First thing you should do is to treat this as a project. Today is your start date and setup a target date. Many managed to pass the exam within 2 months. Nobody can tell you what your target date, should be- so ponder on this and then [...]

    Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM: 6 Reasons Why You May Have Failed The PMP Exam 3 Times

    Number of View :1309

    While I hope it doesn’t happen to you, some people fail the PMP exam 3 times. If you do find yourself in that situation, you will have to wait a year from the date of your last exam before you will be able to apply for your PMP certification again.

    Over the [...]

    PMP & CAPM Exam Lessons Learned

    Number of View :1477

    A great way to study for PMP and CAPM Exam is to browse through the Lessons Learned of PMP and CAPM Exam aspirants. From LL, we get insight on other people learning style, length of preparation, study materials used, study tools, study focus and approach, experience at Promettric where the exam is [...]

    Cornelius Ficthner: 10 articles – 10 Tips for the PMP Exam

    Number of View :1762

    10 Great Tips and Tricks on PMP Exam brought to you by Cornelius Ficthner. the PMP Exam Guru


    Most mentioned Study Materials for PMP Exam

    Number of View :1687

    These are books and Podcasts most mentioned by PMP Aspirants in their Lessons Learned. “My study plan was set in following order: 1) Read PMP Exam Prep as the first; 2) Study PMBOK 3) Very carefully study PMP Exam Prep 4) Test yourself, test yourself, test yourself,… My advice: do not start [...]

    Whizlabs 12 video courses on PMBOK 5 topics

    Number of View :2471

    Here are the Whizlabs PMBOK 5 based 12 video courses on PMBOK 5 knowledge areas

    FREE for all CAPM and PMP aspirants – no need to register


    PMPrepcast: 3 Lessons on PMP Exam and PMP Exam Simulator sample

    Number of View :1888

    Below is a list of Video Lessons and a great sample of PMP Exam Simulator from PMPrepcast. Thanks to Cornelius Fitchner and his team for making this available to PMHUB members


    New PMBOK 5 Impact on PMP/CAPM Exams

    Number of View :552RECOMMENDED READINGS for aspirants: Cornelius Fichtner, PMP: The PMP Exam Changes in 2013. Here is what you need to know The new PMBOK 5 and PMP/CAPM Exam – when and what? Updated Feb 24, 2013 The Perennial Question: The New PMBOK is soon out – Should I write the Exam now or [...]

    Dr. Paul D. Giammalvo: Very important changes from PMI April 2012


    Number of View :356

    Folks, if you download your PMP Handbooks (Which you SHOULD be doing as part of the application process, you will see that in the last 7-10 days PMI has made a SIGNIFICANT change in the qualifications to take the PMP exam.


    Margaret Meloni: When Should I Take the PMP Exam?

    Number of View :734

    As you prepare for the PMP® exam, one of your most important decisions will be when to actually take the exam. For many people the question of when is driven by these two additional questions:


    Free PMP Exam Questions (PMBOK 4)


    Number of View :769

    July 31, 2013 ; NOTE 1 – Use with caution. This is archived Q&A for PMBOK 4 based Exam Questions practice. Those related to general project management questions, Cost and time Management will in general stay useful, however be extra careful when practicing with ITTO questions. They migth not be useful anymore [...]

    Info for PgMP Aspirants

    Number of View :509

    There are probably not that many real active PgMP discussion group. The first PgMP Forum and one of the very small number that is really active is PMHUB PgMPForum. This forum was setup in November 2007 and its membership boasted many PgMPs and LLs



    Q&A on 2 methods in Calculating ES and LS

    Number of View :579

    This is an interesting conversation on critical path calculation methods – in particular ES and LS. Mahendran asked the questions and Mike Newell (noted PMP book author) and Dr PD Giammolvo provided the answers