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Another PMP Formulas NOT FOUND in PMBOK 5 – Basic Statistics

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Most PMP aspirants studied basic statistics and probability during their student days many many years ago. So most need to brush up and review again basic stats and probability to write the PMP Exam. Most PMP study materials provide good review of this important topic.


Tips and Tricks for PMP Exam

Number of View :2669

PMP Exam Dogma

There are several reasons why PMs failed in the PMP/CAPM Exam. Many failed to leave their knowledge and experience out of the exam room. Regardless of what your experience and knowledge, depend 100% […]

PMI documents and forms on certifications, CCR & PDU

Number of View :3329

The names of these documents (forms, list, graphs and general docs) are listed here: PMI documents Name List


PMP Exam Files download

Number of View :38171

Hi colleagues:

Nov 25, 2015: Latest update – a set of 27 most useful PMI documentation, forms etc – compiled into a RAR format file for easy downloading. Size is 30 MB…. download from

PMI – 27 documents on – certifications – PDU CCR etc

Changes to PMP Exam – January 2016

Number of View :8620

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“A recently completed Role Delineation Study (RDS) provided an updated description of the project management professional role. Research included a large-scale survey of global Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification holders to validate updates to domains, tasks, knowledge, and […]

Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM: How to Prepare for the PMP® Exam in 30 days?

Number of View :8529

pm_exam_simulator_125x125_ani-1You are asking yourself right now, “Where do I start to guarantee I pass the PMP® exam in 30 days”? Be patient, stay calm, and continue to read this quick article to understand the steps of this process – how each […]

Cornelius Ficthner: Collection of Tips for the PMP Exam

Number of View :20577

Great Tips and Tricks on PMP Exam to guide you to success – brought to you by Cornelius Ficthner. the PMP Exam Guru


15 most read PMP/PgMP/CAPM Certification Exam Lessons Learned

Number of View :13937

PMP Exam DogmaLessons Learned is most useful when you are preparing to write your certification, whether it is PMP, PgMP or CAPM. Surprisingly the top most read is a PgMP exam LL, probably because there […]

Another Memorizing PMBOK 5 ITTO to pass PMP Exam article

Number of View :20508

While PMHUB do not recommend PMP aspirants to memorize ITTO – there are PMPs and PMP instructors that recommend this apoproach. Also some Lessons Learned recommended memorizing ITTO.

Richard Kraneis, PMP is one of those and this is his video instruction and mind you he is a very good PMP instructor. One […]

Learning PMP Formulas NOT FOUND in PMBOK 5

Number of View :18576

memo2Again this excellent video is from Richard Kranels, PMP: This video focus on the financial side of the project, “What are the formulas or numerical concepts you may need to know for the PMP test that […]

PMBOK 5: Memorizing the 47 Processes

Number of View :22024

memo1This video provides a useful 10-step technique to recreate the process table with the 47 process from the PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition. Credit: Banyan Group is the creator of this video

Related files that you may […]

PMBOK 5 – PMP Formula Brain Dump

Number of View :17958

This is a good video by Richard Kranels: (9/21/13).

Related file that you may want to download:


Free PMP Exam Question – PMBOK 5

Number of View :158759

(posted new update April 1, 2015) These questions are based on PMBOK 5 and the PM Prepcast questions bank is updated monthly., each month – a new question is added. PMHUB is publishing this FREE exam questions for your benefit and to get an idea of the quality of the market leading […]

This week words of Wisdom from PMPs

Number of View :7481PLANNING STAGE Two years back, I joined many PMP groups just to gather the info regarding the exam. And I was silently following mails from you people. I read nearly 40 or 50 LL?s and most of them I read more than once and noted down important things. Somehow felt this has […]

John P. Reiling, PMP: My Thoughts on Certification

Number of View :3517

John’s insight into the certification world


My Tips & Tricks in getting PMP

Number of View :27259

PMP Exam DogmaUpdated march 17, 2014 1) treat this as a project: today is your start day and decide a target finish date (2 months is enough)


Road Map to your PMP Certification

Number of View :24499

cropped roadmap(all images from Want to be a PMP? First thing you should do is to treat this as a project. Today is your start date and setup a target date. Many managed to pass the exam within 2 months. Nobody can tell […]

PMP & CAPM Exam Lessons Learned

Number of View :10563

A great way to study for PMP and CAPM Exam is to browse through the Lessons Learned of PMP and CAPM Exam aspirants. From LL, we get insight on other people learning style, length of preparation, study materials used, study tools, study focus and approach, experience at Promettric where the exam is […]

Most mentioned Study Materials for PMP Exam

Number of View :14446

These are books and Podcasts most mentioned by PMP Aspirants in their Lessons Learned. “My study plan was set in following order: 1) Read PMP Exam Prep as the first; 2) Study PMBOK 3) Very carefully study PMP Exam Prep 4) Test yourself, test yourself, test yourself,… My advice: do not start […]

Whizlabs 12 video courses on PMBOK 5 topics

Number of View :27550

Here are the Whizlabs PMBOK 5 based 12 video courses on PMBOK 5 knowledge areas

FREE for all CAPM and PMP aspirants – no need to register


PMPrepcast: 3 Lessons on PMP Exam and PMP Exam Simulator sample

Number of View :17587

Below is a list of Video Lessons and a great sample of PMP Exam Simulator from PMPrepcast. Thanks to Cornelius Fitchner and his team for making this available to PMHUB members


New PMBOK 5 Impact on PMP/CAPM Exams

Number of View :7010RECOMMENDED READINGS for aspirants: Cornelius Fichtner, PMP: The PMP Exam Changes in 2013. Here is what you need to know

Dr. Paul D. Giammalvo: Very important changes from PMI April 2012


Number of View :2724

Folks, if you download your PMP Handbooks (Which you SHOULD be doing as part of the application process, you will see that in the last 7-10 days PMI has made a SIGNIFICANT change in the qualifications to take the PMP exam.


Margaret Meloni: When Should I Take the PMP Exam?

Number of View :5691

As you prepare for the PMP® exam, one of your most important decisions will be when to actually take the exam. For many people the question of when is driven by these two additional questions:


Q&A on 2 methods in Calculating ES and LS

Number of View :5160

This is an interesting conversation on critical path calculation methods – in particular ES and LS. Mahendran asked the questions and Mike Newell (noted PMP book author) and Dr PD Giammolvo provided the answers


Lectures on Earned Value Management

Number of View :6924

EV3 Video Lectures to help you prepare for the PMP exam by explaining Earned Value Management.

This is a three part lesson. Part 1 covers basic concepts, i.e. how to derive PV (Planned Value), EV (Earned Value) and AC Actual Cost.



What if your PMP Certification Application get Audited?

Number of View :4128

From the experience from some PMHUB members, you do not need to do too much.


“Delegation” in PMP Exam – Vijay Verma on Delegation

Number of View :2897

In the PMP Exam each correct answer contribute to your overall score. The best way is get 100% correct in what i called here as “easy” questions. These include:


My 6 Top Lessons Learned


Number of View :2025

PMHUB has collected in its archives thousands of Lessons Learned, since 2001.  I have selected  here 6 Lessons Learned that were all written after 2005, on exams based on PMBOK 3rd edition. I consider these LLs as the best of the best in its depth and in its […]

PMP & CAPM Exam Score Report

Number of View :6179

PMI now uses a rough 3 level indication of your performance in the exam:1. Proficient – your performance is above average2. Moderately Proficient: your performance is average3. Below Proficient: your performance is below average