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John P. Reiling, PMP: Is a Certification a Waste of Time for You?

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It may seem shocking that I would even suggest on this site that earning a certification could be a waste of time. But I’m serious, and it may not really be worth your precious time, money.

With certifications, as with life, there are no guarantees! So let me tell you about six things that you should consider before you pursue a certification:

  1. Someone without a certification might actually get into a position because they knew someone, they went to the right school, they were from the right town, they had a nice personality. So why should you work hard to improve yourself, and even improve your chances, while someone else gets by with the above?
  2. Your career strategy and choice of a certification might be wrong. It would be ashame to invest a lot of effort going down the wrong road, and there are no guarantees.
  3. Certification success is often equated with “book knowledge” and being a good test taker. It doesn’t really prove that you can do the job!
  4. Your career success depends more on your personal character than on your credentials. People, not certifications, deliver projects.
  5. A PMP is less essential as you gain experience when you want to secure a new position or advancement.
  6. Some certifications – particularly IT – have a lifecycle. If you don’t catch the wave at the right time, there’s a lot of wasted effort.

Now this might seem negative to you. But hear me out. These are important things to think about…but there are other reasons why it may not be a waste of time, and why you may benefit!

  1. It may fulfill your need for achievement, and improve your living.
  2. There is a direct correlation between certification and pay, according to payscale.com.
  3. You can demonstrate your competence and become conversational about the subject.
  4. It legitimizes your claim of being “a player” in the field.
  5. It brings you up to speed on the common vocabulary and framework in the field.
  6. It adds to my credibility when interacting with others on the job and in industry.
  7. It demonstrates that you are dedicated, committed, and probably capable.
  8. You will satisfy employers’ desire for predictability.
  9. You get a great boost to your self-confidence.
  10. Mastering a new skill and earning a new certification will make you feel fresh – like a new outfit!

But there’s one more thing – an intangible. When you master something new, you see things differently, take on a new perspective. You get to see a new vista – and that alone can be worth the effort as it can be the tipping point that suddenly opens opportunities for you.

John Reiling, PMP
PM Training Online


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