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Interview with Twins PMP

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twin at twins dayThis is a special occasion for PMHUB.  Usually PMHUB features articles on Project Management, however this time PMHUB presents an interview with an identical twin; both passed the PMP exam at the same time.

Jayasri and Vijayashree now live in Ottawa, Canada. PMHUB contacted the twins after Jayasri posted her Lessons Learned in the PMHUB Lessons Learned Forum at PMHUB Forum: http://forums.pmhub.net .

Our twins have kindly respond to PMHUB interview.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
We are identical twins, born 10 minutes apart. We spent the first few years of our life in Spain, did majority of our schooling in India. We went to the US for grad school and worked there. We now live in Canada. Despite graduating from different fields, we managed to find universities and jobs in the same cities. We managed to work in the same floor, 10 cubes away while in Dallas. That was a lot of fun to confuse everybody 😉

We will elaborate on our education and work separately.



Graduated from University of Texas with a Masters in Management Information Systems. Prior to that, she graduated from a Bachelor of Commerce degree and MBA from India.



Graduated from University of Texas with a Masters in Electrical Engineering, after completing Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from India.


Is there any childhood story that you may want to share?

We have tried many tricks on people when we were kids. We have attended each others classes for a whole in a totally different school. Hardly anybody knew that we had switched. When we were very young (2 years old), our grandmother took the same person twice to the doctor for vaccination!

What is “identical twins”; what is probability of this? *
Identical twins are born when the fertilized egg splits into two distinct entities in the early stages of cell division. The DNA and other genetic material are shared by the twins. Identical twins have the same genotype and phenotype which means that they not only have a similar genetic make up but also look similar from the outside. Identical twins are always of the same sex.(Source : http://www.doctorndtv.com/Children/detailtopics.asp?id=21) .
From what we have read, the probability is 1 in 300 births.

How many similar twins have you met? Planning to marry another twin :-) ?
We have attended Twins events in Montreal couple of times. There were about 2,000 pairs of twins; however we hardly know another set of twins personally. It will be fun to get married to twins!

Any interesting story about being twins in school, office etc?

We have always had lots of fun being twins. A couple of years back, one of our friends had requested Jayasri to spend the evening with his wife at their house while he was out of town. He had spoken about this to Jayasri and mentioned to his wife that Jayasri will visit her. It was Viji’s first week in Ottawa, and she did not know the family. However, Jayasri got busy, so sent Viji went instead. Our friend’s wife did not realize that it was a different person during the entire stay. Viji did not make an attempt to correct either. After our friend returned, he was talking to Jayasri thanking her for staying over! Then Jayasri mentioned that it was not her, but her sister who stayed over.

Can you tell us about your job?

I work as a Senior Analyst in the Enterprise Business Applications department in a large community college. I have been working there for about 5 years. I have managed several projects focusing on Web based service delivery applications to Students. Prior to that, I have worked at Compaq Computers (Now HP) and Nortel Networks as a Software Designer.

I work as a Senior Systems Engineer in the wireless telecommunication field. I have been working in Nortel for the last 7 years in their US and Canadian offices. Over the years, I have taken up several projects both in the wireless and wireline telecommunications.

Are you both member of PMI and PMHUB?

We both are PMI Ottawa Valley members. Jayasri is a member of PMHUB.

When & how you know about this group?
A good friend of ours, who is also a PMP recommended this website. It is one of the best for Project Management and also for exam preparation.

Where do you take the PMP exam  and tell us about the exam; were you both tested at the same time?
We wrote our exam on Oct 8, 2006 at the same centre in Ottawa (Thomson Prometric). We scheduled the exam for the same time/day. We cleared the exam with a 0.9% difference in our marks.

How about your study approach?
It was great studying together because we were able to discuss different ideas and debate on our understanding of the material. Since we worked in different fields, our exposure was different to the various knowledge areas. We could learn from each others experiences.

For aspiring PMPs, we strongly recommend partnering with study partners to understand the concepts and at the same time have fun.

What’s your next step?

I would like to utilize my project management skills on international projects, which have a social focus. My dream job is to work in the World Bank, managing international development initiatives. I would like to leverage my cross cultural experience and English/French language skills in global projects.

My next step is to move into Telecom Project Management consulting. I am looking at international projects which expand wireless services in developing nations.

Thank you Jayasri and Viji.

We all hope that both of you will soon get your dream job!

Thank you for spending the time with PMHUB!

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