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Jim Owens: Certification World Rankings and the Glass Ceiling

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You don’t have to be a genius to work out that the PMP is the highest ranking Project Management certification in the world. It is a definite “must have” if you are really serious about your project management career, and the CAPM is a “must have” for anyone serious about becoming a project manager

The PMP is not an IT certification per se, far from it in fact; for example when I earned my PMP in 1998, there were over 50 who took the exam at the same time but only 4 of us were in IT. The PMP is the Holy Grail for Project Managers in Engineering, Construction, Mining, IT, Event organizing – and just about anything else.
But a question I am often asked by non Project Managers is, “How does PMP rate against the heavyweight IT certifications, like Cisco?”

Amazingly it’s right up there, in 4th position alongside Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP), and ABOVE all the other Cisco certifications*

Number 1 is Red Hat Certified Engineer
Number 2 is Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist: SQL & .NET
And number 3 is Microsoft Certified Architect

No surprises with the first three, but not only is the PMP the premier project management certification in the world, but it is a major heavyweight in the IT field too – wow!

The Glass Ceiling

If your career is stagnating and you don’t know what to do, here’s a tip – get a PMI certification then start looking for your dream job.
In fact with a PMP, sometimes your dream job will come looking for you.

A lady (one of my students last year) had been in one of the major, international IT and electronics companies for a number of years and had hit the glass ceiling – hard!
Has that ever happened to you? But more about her later.

Do you want to smash the glass ceiling? Do you want to get the job that you really deserve? Of course you do!
Would you like to start smashing it next month?
Well, if you’re really serious about getting ahead – and I don’t mean just  “edging ahead”, I’m talking GETTING AHEAD.
Then simply sign up for a 4-day premier PMP prep course such as the PMTI ( www.4pmti.com ) course and you could get your PMP in five days instead of 5 months.

Maybe you don’t think you can do it; here’s another tip, yes you can. And if you really can’t (and let’s face it, I think there’s 1 in every thousand or so PMTI students that genuinely can’t make it), then PMTI cheerfully refund you money less an admin charge – so you can’t loose.

What if universities copied PMTI’s methods and taught their courses by short-term accelerated learning techniques and refunded the course costs to students who don’t graduate? The universities would be splitting at the seams; that’s what would happen. The universities would become the biggest growth industry in the world and the intellectual capital of the country would rise exponentially.
But unfortunately PMTI don’t run the universities (or maybe it’s fortunate because the instructors we are worked off their feet as it is).

I mean this sincerely my friends, the best advice that I could possible give you is to sign up for a course; get your PMP and start smashing that ceiling – what are you waiting for?

And why wait anyway? Do you know what will happen if you hold back?
That guy who’s not nearly as good as you are (you know the one I mean) the one that you have to help out sometimes, well he (or she) will sign up with PMTI, and after a 4-day class they will ace the PMP, and they will get the promotion that you deserve and then you will end up working for them.

Just imagine how low you would feel if that person that we’re talking about, overnight gets the upper hand on you, and they start building a new glass floor from themselves, right over your head.

Oh sure, you could get another job, but let’s face it, as time goes by, the PMP’s will sail into the best ones and everyone else will just move from one glass ceiling to another.

Hey I’ve been in the rat-race for a very long time, I know what I’m talking about and I’ve seen the writing on the wall, and it isn’t good. For those who don’t know the old bible story, the writing on the wall included, “You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting…”
To be “found wanting” means that you are lacking – you don’t carry as much weight or measure up to the next guy. And the main thing that tips the balance in someone’s favor is the PMP certification.

I wish I could tell you that life is fair, but I can’t, because it’s not. The only thing you can do, and the best that you can do is to get that PMP as SOON as you can.
Not having a PMP is a huge problem for so many people today, but If only all your problems were as simple to fix, and in only 4 days!

Just picture this in your mind for a moment.

You are miserable all weekend because you’re pressed so hard against the glass ceiling that it’s crushing your spirit and the spirit of your family. Heck you know that you are really good at your job but that just isn’t enough anymore.

Monday morning arrives and you leave home early without breakfast. Today is different, today you are on a mission, a mission to change the rest of your life – and if you weren’t driving, you could kick yourself really hard for not thinking of this sooner.

You arrive at the hotel, park the car and then go into the lobby. You follow the PMTI signs to the dining room. The instructor and the other guys and girls are really friendly and they chat excitedly over breakfast about what is going to happen.

During the morning you just can’t believe it. You never really were that good in lectures, they were so boring and the lecturer would just drone on and on.
But here you are in a classroom – that’s like no classroom you’ve ever been in before – and everything is interesting and exciting and new. And people even get a chance to share their views.
That evening you run over some of the stuff that you learned during the day, hey this is better than TV!

Tuesday morning you are really looking forward to meeting everyone again. On the way you see that Sally from your Project Office has missed the bus so you give her a lift as it’s on the way to the hotel.
Sally’s a bright girl, and she was the one who told you about the PMP in the first place a few months ago. She looks really tired and she tells you that she has been studying for her PMP for three months now and she doesn’t have a life any more, but she only has a month or two to go now – if she can just stick with the program.

Tuesday is just as good as Monday, and when you get home that evening you are surprised that your partner is actually interested in what you learned, they are interested because they know how you do in a regular class, and they want to know why you are getting so excited about this one.

Wednesday and Thursday are even more interesting than the other days. You offered to give Sally a lift but she’s off work on a few days stress leave.

Friday morning you lie in bed a little longer and have breakfast at home, and then you take a cab to the Prometric test center (you don’t want to drive so you can avoid traffic hassles and accidents).

You are a bit nervous in the test center, but you soon settle down, especially when you see the questions. Ok there are some tough ones in there, but so many of them you knock over one after the other, just like a trained professional – because that’s the edge that PMTI have given you.

Eventually you hit the “end” button and wait for half a minute.
Now just imagine how great you feel as you see the “Congratulations” message.

Four days study with a group of new freinds – just over half a week – has changed your life for ever! You are glad that you came by cab, because you are so excited that it’s like being drunk. It’s a long time since you have felt this good. Imagine what your family will say, and your boss, and poor Sally (if you are a real friend, tell her about www.4pmti.com ) and that guy that we talked abut, let’s hope he doesn’t find out about PMTI.
But even if he does find out about PMTI and gets his PMP next week, all it’s doing is leveling the playing field, because when both of you have a PMP you will win on merit.

A True Story.

Now back to that lady I told you about, who was one of my students last year.  As I said, she had been in one of the major, international IT and electronics companies for a number of years and had hit the glass ceiling

Several weeks after passing her PMP exam she applied for and got a much better position in another company. Then about 6 weeks later she was head-hunted by another organization and she has now accepted a position that she could only have dreamed about before she got her PMP.

I’m not saying this will happen to everyone who gets their PMP (many people are content in their current organization), but promotions and job offers are more frequent among PMP’s then non PMP’s.

Your Next Step

Before you do anything else, download the info pack from www.4PMTI.com  it costs nothing to read it and it just might be the most sensible decision you have ever made in your career.

PS if you know Sally, tell her about the 4-day course before she ends up in therapy.

* For the full story on the rankings, see http://www.certcities.com/editorial/features/story.asp?EditorialsID=95

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