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roger Chou, PgMP:The Road to PgMP

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RCUnlike the PMP, which is mainly concerned with proper planning and making the least changes to ongoing projects, the PgMP philosophy requires senior managers to be flexible and adaptable, as they seek business opportunities in ever-changing market environments. In our training center, there have been quite a few PMPs discussing about the need of an higher education of project management that can help them face an even more challenging situation.

Here is a list of the reasons why these PMPs, sometimes senior managers, are seeking for more guidance from the PMI’s philosophy and knowledge. They tend to be in a situation that:

  • They have been a PMP for many years, and want to further improve their project/program management professionalism.
  • Their current project management knowledge no longer meets the work environment requirements.
  • They are running many projects at the same time, and need to find a solution to manage them with ease and efficiency.
  • They need go to somewhere higher than project management and gain a bird’ s-eye-view of multiple projects, so that they can properly arrange the priority of these projects/programs, allocate the projects/programs resources, avoid conflicts between them, whilst still making the best from the cooperation, achieving the company’s business objectives.
  • They get an order to establish a PMO (Project Management Office) in the company, but they don’t posses the skills or knowledge to do so.
  • They need to find a way to lead their company’s search for their own ‘Blue Sea’.
  • The company they are working for is facing crisis, and to survive they need to come up with new solutions and create opportunities.
  • They plan to become, or have a potential to become, a CEO in the future, so they need start preparing myself now.

Even I myself have faced a couple of reasons listed above, which means this credential has its own value and necessity to a PMP’s professionalism. Here I would like to share my own experiences about the certification processes. To obtain the PgMP, one has to pass three evaluations:

First evaluation – a panel review of eligibility. A PgMP applicant must provide detailed written evidence of having:
1) a Bachelor’s degree,
2) at least 4 years of project experience, and 3) at least 4 years of large program experience.

Before the next evaluation, applicants are randomly chosen for a detailed audited, and their references and contacts from all their past work and current projects must be checked.

Second evaluation – a PgMP certification exam. According to PMI’s statistics, since PgMP began 14 months ago, only 165 people have so far passed the exam, and I am the 166th one.

Third evaluation –a multi-rater assessment. The PgMP applicant has to find at least 12 referees, including 4 bosses or clients, 4 colleagues, and 4 subordinates, to take part in a comprehensive evaluation (a ‘360-degree review’) of your managements skills. This review is to evaluate the applicant’s ability to perform program-level tasks. Both the applicant and these referees must then answer a questionnaire consisting of 74 questions and statements, and once PMI has verified there is unified acclaim of the applicant – the third evaluation has been passed.

roger Chou, PgMP

PMI R.E.P. 2510 PM-ABC President


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  • Walter Ginevri

    I am looking for PgMP Exam preparation books which are compliant to the 2.nd edition of the PMI Standard.
    Could you suggest me some references?
    Thank you for your support.
    Walter Ginevri

  • pmhub


    thank you for your comments.

    You might want to read this article: K Pierce: PgMP Study Material Review
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    I strongly suggest that you join the PMHUB Forums, PgMP Forum where you can study the Lessons Learned of successful and unsuccessful aspirants.

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