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    Sesba’s LL: Passed PMP Exam on May 23rd 2007

    Number of View: 1391

    I’ve passed my PMP exam in my first attempt on May 23rd, 2007.

    I wanted to thank you all of PMHub and its members. I’ve found the PMHUB’s  “Mastering PMBOK” (additional note by Admin: This is the link: course through this site only and it was really helpful in preparing for the exam. I’m really thankful for TSI.

    I’ve dedicatedly spent about 3 and a half months in preparing for my PMP starting with the TSI material. I’ve read the PMBOK guide atleast three times. I’ve listened to Corlenius’s PMPrepCast podcasts and other PM podcasts. All together helped me attain my PMP.

    As far as lessons learned, here it goes: Very Happy

    1. Visited the center twice before the exam and that really helped as the center was on a small street and also helped me check the traffic.
    2. I had a good night sleep the previous night.
    3. I wrote the brain-dump one time in the morning
    4. Listened to my favorite music and relaxed
    5. Reached the test center 1 and half hours early and getting familiar with the area
    6. Went into the center one hour earlier than my appointment and the lady at the center said that if you are ready, then you can start right now. Well, I said yes.
    7. During the initial 15 minutes time, I skimmed through the demo
    8. Initially, I didn’t want to write any braindump during that 15 minutes time but later decided to write anyway. But I never had to go through the braindump again as I have already so familiar with that. So this part is upto your confidence level.
    9. Normally, for any exams, I don’t really take any breaks unless I’m too tired. So here, I did not take any breaks at all.
    10. I finished all the questions in about 2 hours 55 minutes
    11. Went through the marked questions for about 20 minutes
    12. Reviewed all 200 questions in about 30 minutes
    13. I finally had 10-15 minutes left and I have decided to hit the End button.
    14. The screen went blank for about 10-15 seconds and came back with the center survey and I finished that.
    15. Even though, I was not nervous, my heart was bumping a little fast…
    16. After 10 more seconds, I saw the “Congratulations…” on the screen.

    This was my first exam after 10 years Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

    Thanks again!!!
    Magesh Puvananthiran.



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