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Jim Owens PMP: PMP Exam Tips on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, 4th Edition

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Jim OwensPMP

Jim OwensPMP

We always do what’s right, we never do anything wrong!

The vision and purpose statement of PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct begins,

“As practitioners of project management, we are committed to doing what is right and honorable”, sounds easy doesn’t it, yet many project managers do not score highly in the section of the exam. This area will account for almost 10% of the 200 questions on the exam even though it is not covered by PMBOK, so listen up folks!  Why so many questions? Well firstly it’s because there are potential ethical and responsibility issues is every area of project management, and secondly because the various stakeholders involved with the projects that we manage must be able to trust us. And this domain also covers our interactions with others and in particular with cultures that may be different from your own. The Code is organized into sections on Responsibility, Respect, Fairness and Honesty. And each section is divided into mandatory standards (what you must do) and aspirational standards (what you should do).

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