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Rajesh Panwar: PgMP Lesson Learnt

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A ‘gruelling subjective’ exam requiring an in-depth knowledge of the program PMI terminology/theory.
•More importantly is your experience in handling programs or large/multiple projects which is a MUST have to pass. 
•Surviving this exam definitely sets the “bar exam” for Program Managers.

My preparation Plan for PgMP

•My study plan leading up to the exam: Mid-Feb to end July 2009
oRead SPM 10+ times during my study plan (really)
oRead and Re-read the PgMP exam specification
oMemorized information used for ‘brain-dump’ at start of exam – formulas, Process/knowledge areas/domains, and life cycles models, etc.
oDay before – re-read SPM and went over notes.
oActually got a good night sleep before the exam.

•Last 2 weeks before exam:
oRe-read SPM and Exam Specification a couple of more times
oCompleted Sanghera computer exercises/tests (Results 90% range)
oMemorized information used for ‘brain-dump’ during exam – formulas, Process/knowledge areas/domains, a bit of I/O’s, etc.

•During Exam:
oUsed tutorial time (15 minutes) to brain dump of EV formulas, mnemonic for processes, knowledge areas, benefit management cycle, etc. I NEVER referred to it during the exam.
o3 hrs 45 min to complete, 15 min to review 25 marked questions and changed few. 
oCouple of bio-breaks and used ear plugs to keep distractions to minimum.

My Recommendations:

Yes, this exam is extremely subjective, and you have to draw on your experience. I think I also got about 5-6 direct questions – black or white answers. The questions were evenly distributed between situational and scenario based questions. 

After hitting ‘end’ button, I had no clue that I was going to pass or not. I would be hard pressed to determine what else to study or do to feel more confident. I feel my exam was one third theory and two-thirds experience… and some bit of luck. 

Base your studies on SPM and the PgMP exam specification. Consider every written word as it could turn into an exam question, you know what I mean.

Most important – Your experience. THIS IS WHAT THE EXAM IS ALL ABOUT.

Please don’t ask me to describe any questions included in the exam as a professional and ethical courtesy.

For other support/preparations help, you can reach me anytime. Would be delight to extend that. I am not sure if I can post my email/phone numbers for people to reach, but you should be able to locate me with search effort on popular networking sites.


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1 comment to Rajesh Panwar: PgMP Lesson Learnt

  • Rajk


    In your blog, you emphasized the importance of reading SPM? what is it?

    I would appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks in adv