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Guna’s PMP Study Tool is now updated to PMBOK 4th ed (New note May 10 20)

Number of View: 18610

What is it: is it an ITTO study tool? Is it a PMP Game? Is it a PMP FlashCard? Is it a Q&A Exam Prep?

Yes, it is a SuperTool, it is yes for all above

With great pleasure I want to let you all know that GGuna has kindly updated the PMHUB most popular Study Tool to PMBOK 4th edition.

What does it contain?
1) Flashcards for PMP Preparation
– Read the important definitions and terms for PMP (during read Source selection wont work)
– Print and make flashcards by topic
2) Review PMP Questions
– these questions are the ones which i consolidated from my daily questions
3) Review the processes and ITTO under each knowledge area
4) Play Process Game to test how good you remember the processes under each knowledge area.

What is needed to make more use of the tool?
1) Flashcards – if some more definitions are available, i can import into this tool and update it. If anyone interested, I can guide them with the place to get more data and we can use them importing in this tool.
2) Questions – if there is any collection of questions and answers in the excel, i can import it.
3) Any other suggestions or comments are welcome.

All the best.

Thanks & Regards,

“Hello Everyone,

At last i was able to update the PMP tool towards the revised PMBOK 4th edition. I believe I have captured all the details correctly, if you find any discrepancies please feel free to let me know.

All the best !!!

– Guna.”

NOTE: To download this Tool, you must LOGIN into PMHUB Forums. If you do not login, you will be blocked from downloading the file. Pls register to PMHUb Forums so that you can login.  Guna & PMHUB need the statistcs on the number of people who download this tool so that wew can serve you better

How to download GGuna Tool
PM Study TOOLS Forum
which is
PM Study TOOLS & PMHUB Notes 2006 Project Team Room
Then click:
PMHUB_Guna_allinone_study_tools Forum
which is
Then read the 6th post and download the attachment by clicking the ATTACHMENT
I can make it easy by just giving you one single URL but a learning process and browsing other forums is a good famliairization to PMHUB Forums
Note from GGUNA April 20, 2010:
I got a comment from my friend that its throwing confirmation messages while trying Process game.
To stop getting those errors, please do the below given steps. 
1. Open a new MS Access db and save it with any name.
2. Go to Tools> Options>Edit/Find(tab)>Confirm(heading)
3. Uncheck the 3 boxes
4. Save the db and Close it
5. Now this DB can be deleted and its not required anymore. 

After this, you can start using the PMP tool and there will be no confirmation messages.

May 10 note:


In process_game2, there are some changes in Communication Management processes.

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12 comments to Guna’s PMP Study Tool is now updated to PMBOK 4th ed (New note May 10 20)

  • Laskhmi
    when you write a comment or question, be specific. Pls pinpoint which and where the error is. Just saying that the update is not complete does not really help at all

    NOTE: due to WordPress comment bug, Lakshmi comment cannot be displayed. Tried this more than 10 times but still the comment is still hidden as possible spam

    This is her comments:
    “Hi Guna,
    Good work.
    But it hasn’t been updated completely. Could you please check…
    Lakshmi VR Chowdary A”

  • I registered for membership on 7th September.
    Received message “Your account is currently inactive, the administrator of the board will
    need to activate it before you can log in. You will receive another e-mail
    when this has occurred.” with login credentials.

    But the account isn’t yet active. Any idea, how long does it take?


  • Your account will never be active UNTIL you ask for activation. Plase check the announcement in http://pmhub.net

    To repeat, unless you ask for activation, PMHUB will never activate your account. Luckily spammers never read announcement, but it also unfortunate that many valid members like you ignore the announcement

  • Goverdhan


    I have downloaded “Guna_PMP_All_in_One_Tool.mdb” file, I don’t have MS Access , I have downloaded mdb viewer , how i can use this tool,please help me.


  • As far as I know, without Access you cannot usd it

  • Could not download tool. I am an aspirant. A construction project manager.

  • Preparing for pmp means you need to learn more about IT if u want to save money. If not, you need ro spend much more. To download, you need to become member, to run it u need MS Access

  • alfred0

    I cannot download the tool :-(
    When am I able to do it? I need it to test my knowledge. According several exams, I think that I know them. But the tool could help me.

    Thank you very much!

  • alfred0

    I have been able to do it!! :-)

    Thank you very much! :-)

  • Nagendra

    I have just registered for this forum today. I couldn’t download the tools it says it is locked for my id. What’s my next course of action?

  • Sujayramesh


    Could you please add me as memeber ..I already shared some PMP tips .Please help

  • 1. all members – more than 80,000 – do their own registration. You add friends in Facebook or Twitter. If this is what you meant, pls ADD PMHUB in Twitter and Facebook.

    2. Where do you share PMP Tips? PMHUB is keen to publish your – pls let us know or just send to pmhub@pmhub.net