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    Apex: Passed my PMP Exam on May 3, 2010

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    I passed my PMP exam on Monday (1st attempt). Here is what I did.

    1. Red Kim Heldman’s Guide to Project Management Professional Twice.
    2. Red PMBOK 4 Once.
    3. Went through some 300 questions one of my friend gave me (Don’t know where it came from). They were from PMBOK 3 so had to carefully ignore the ones related to ITTO’s which do not apply in PMBOK 4.
    4. Went through Oliver Lehman’s 75 + 175 questions ( … stions.htm).
    5. Answered Head First’s 200 Questions ( ).- Received 92%
    6. Answered pmstudy’s 200 Questions ( – free questions) – Received 86%.
    7. For all the wrong answers, referred to PMOBK and google for finding info on correct anwers.
    8. The last two test I took two days before taking exam which gave me lots of moral boost :-)
    9. I think the questions from pmstudy are closest to the real exam in term of writing style and difficulty.
    10. Out of the 200 questions in exam, I could confidently answer around 155. I kept marking any question that I had a doubt and at end counted them all. I had about 43 questions that I was had doubts. I had no clue on couple of questions, so just chose the answers that make logical sense. After going through second round, I had around 30 questions that I was not confident but still chose the answers that made sense.
    11. I had about 20 minutes left so just let the clock run out by reviewing my answers.
    12. After time ran out, a survey came up which I answered and the result showed up – I passed with Proficient in 4 areas and Moderately Proficient in 2.

    Some tips:
    1. Remember all your formulas. I had 10-15 formula questions. couple of them add too much of info. Be careful as that too much info might confuse you.
    2. Don’t worry if you can’t answer 3-4 questions in row. The hard questions come in bunch of 3-4 so don’t panic. More then 50% questions are really easy if you understand the processes, ITTOs and formulas well.

    Hope this helps.

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