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Samthi: Passed the PMP Exam – Be Ready for Surprises!

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I passed PMP exam in June 2. Below is how I went about preparing.

Preparation :

I went for PMP preparation class conducted by PMI Chennai chapter. The training was excellent and the faculty members were best in class who had unique experience in their area of expertise. I truly know that attending training conducted by PMI Chennai chapter was the main reason I passed the exam.


I read PMBOK and Rita 4 times. I took questions at the end of Rita and Road to Success twice. Each time I noted the percentage of correct answers and re-read chapters were I scored badly.


This is how I learned ITTOs without memorizing anything. I took print out of pages from PMBOK which contains all processes and ITTOs of those processes under a knowledge area. So I had 9 pages one for each knowledge area. Then I tried to note down all the sub areas if any for example : When I travel to and fro office while in bus I would take one knowlege area per day. i would try to recollect all the processes under that knowledge area and then try to come up with the inputs, tools and outputs. Then I would validate my answers with the document in hand. This way I tried a couple of times and by the time of exam I could tell ITTOs almost perfectly. I requires logic thats all no need to memorize.

Free Mock Exam Test

Below are the sites which provides free mock test. Answers in some of the sites were not correct.

http://www.headfirstlabs.com/PMP/pmp_exam/v2/quiz.html# : was easy
http://www.pmstudy.com/enroll.asp : Site was slow. Quality of questions were good. toughness was almost same as those in actual exam
http://www.oliverlehmann.com/pmp-self-test/75-free-questions.htm : 2 sets 75 ad 175 questions was tough
I took four mock tests in mqhub.com

The exam :

I took two breaks during exam : at 120 and 200 questions before reviewing marked questions. Eatables and water can be kept outside the locker and during break you are allowed to have it.

I finished all questions within 2 hrs 32 mts. After that I went through marked questions. I had more than 65 questions marked. After reviewing marked questions (most of them I did not change the initial answer) I got some more time when I reviewed questions from the start where I could have made mistake because of the tension in the beginning.

Some of the questions were direct sentences from PMBOK so read it thoroughly!!

Be ready for surprises! Some of the questions were very easy. The exam had a lot of terms which I have never heard mostly as options for question. The trick is to prevent tension and think logically. The end result was the biggest surprise of all. For most mock tests I was rated badly for Planning/Execution/ Monitoring and control process groups. I was worried as these were the sections from which maximum questions were asked. But for the exam I was rated proficient in all the 3 process groups.

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3 comments to Samthi: Passed the PMP Exam – Be Ready for Surprises!

  • Akash

    Congrats Samthi.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable experience with all of us.
    Good Luck for the journey ahead !

  • Maqbool

    Congreats up on your success.PMP.Thanks for sharing your experience.It will definitely be useful for aspiring PMPs.Wish you all the best in future.


  • fouad_m1981

    i passed my pmp exam on 14 july 2010 ,from my point of view the rita book was the main reason to succeed , but you have to read PMPbook 2 times and go for rita for another 2 times and then start solving exams .