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KS: Passed PMP July 27, 2010

Number of View: 9812

I Passed my PMP exam on July 27th
Initiation Moderately Proficient
Planning Proficient
Executing Proficient
Monitoring and Controlling Proficient
Closing Moderately Proficient
Professional and Social Responsibility Moderately Proficient

My Journey
1. Started preparing for the exam on May 31st ( Cancelled my Long Weekend Trip
to Europe)
2. Referred PMBOK and Andy Crowe
3. 4 Hrs of Intense study every Day (6PM to 10PM)
4. On Weekends, studied at least 9 hrs (12 PM to 9 PM)
5. By July 18th – I had Read PMBOK 3 times and Andy Crowe 2 times
6. Scored at least 75% in all end of the Chapter Exam
7. By July 19th, I was able to write all Formulae and Process Map without
looking at the book
8. Was Able to Write 90% of Process Inputs and Output. I Mostly Ignored T&T
9. Started taking full Length Exams starting July 19th

  • Fast Track Exam ( Rita) – 7 Exams, Scored an Avg of 85%
  • Oliver Lehman Exam ( 175 + 75) = Scored 89%
  • Head First – Scored 95%
  • Andy Crowe Exam – 86%
  • PM Study – 79%
  • PMP Exam: Practice Test and Study Guide, Eighth Edition by J. LeRoy Ward –
  • 70%
  • PMP Exam Cram – 89%
  • Kim Heldman Exam – 80%

10. Day Before Exam, Watched Movie Inception and Green Zone, Slept at 11.00pm
11. On the day of exam – Got up at 9.00am, relaxed had breakfast, watched
Cartoon Tom and Jerry
12. Reached Exam Center by 11.00am ( Actual Exam Scheduled at 12.00PM)
PMP Practice Exam System
PMP On-Demand Bootcamp Course
Live Online PMP Class



Exam Experience
1. I Spent first 30 mins writing Process Map, Formulae, Inputs & Outputs
2. Exam was very simple and straightforward.
3. Through Knowledge of all Process is a Must
4. Lots of question on Inputs, Outputs and T&T, ( You must be able to differentiate between Inputs, Outputs and T&T). For eg. Question would ask you what is O/P of Process X for answer 3 of the answer choices will be either I/P
or T&T
5. Overall I spent 4 hrs on the exam, 2 hrs to finish the 200 question and another 2 hrs to review the questions again. (Just wanted to make sure I pass the exam)
6. Took 3 breaks ( 100, 150 & 200)
I wish you a very best of luck for you preparation.

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