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4 short LLs, 1 CAPM 3 PMP

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Athar passed PMP
You have oceans of Lessons Learned already in the forum, but very briefly here are some useful points to share with the exam takers:

1. First do just one complete study of PMBoK guide and any other material, then
soon after this try to give one good full length mock exam (preferably PM
Study/equivalent). This will give you an idea of the kind of questions you may
see in the real PMP exam and help you with enhanced (exam oriented) rounds of
further revisions. I really missed this, and it was about two weeks ago that I
started myself with the mocks (and imagine the disgusted looks on my face)

2. The difficulty level of actual PMP in my opinion is somewhere between Oliver
Lehmann & PM Study.

3. In the actual exam, do two rounds of answering. In the first one, do not
attempt to solve all the tough questions (Wordy, Maths, etc.) only mark them for
review, but do solve all the ‘quick wins’. This way you will have a mountain of
confidence to have almost cleared the exam without even bothering to crack the
hard nuts.


Srini Iyer PMP LL

I have passed my PMP exam and i would say it was not tough please focus on all
the 42 process areas and mainly the tools and techniques used for all the areas.

This is a reminder to people who are looking at writng the exam in the next 15
days. please do book your slots immediately if you have not done so. The PMP
Exam is changing on August 31st 2011. If you are taking the exam on or after
this date, then your 200 questions will be based on the new PMP Exam Content
Outline.PMI will not immediately tell you if you have passed or failed your exam
immediately, there will be a 4-6 week period between taking the examination and
receiving the results via email.

All the best
Srini Iyer

Passed CAPM today (ksganesh)
Hi All:
I’m happy to let you all know that I just passed my CAPM exam. Although my percentage is not yet known, I got a breakdown of my proficiency levels – 8 Proficient and 4 Mod Proficient.

Following are the Lessons Learned for the benefit of others:

1. Read Kim Heldman PMP/CAPM 2 times. Excellent book!
2. Read PMBOK guide once.
3. Spent 4 weeks of studying on an average 6-8 hrs a day for first 2 weeks and 8-10 hours a day for the last 2 weeks.
4. Prepared for PMP although my eligibility is only CAPM. This mindset kept me motivated to take up challenging tests online.
5. I solved nearly 2500 questions.
6. Took all the recommended tests in deepfriedbrain.com
7. Memorized all the ITTOs. (Some people say it is not necessary to memorize ITTO but I beg to differ. It helps you to breeze through questions in the exam while giving more time for questions that are tricky/time consuming. I used to write ITTOs daily to get it registered in my mind. As long as one understands the ITTOs and memorizes, there is absolutely no problem. PMI does test the knowledge in certain questions where one needs to be able to figure out the correct ITTO instead of asking for it directly.)
8. I was 100% confident that I will pass the exam comfortably before taking the test and also after taking the test while waiting for exam results to pop up.
My preparation for the exam was spot on. I never left any area uncovered and felt proficient in all areas although I’m slightly disappointed that I scored 4 Mod. proficient.
9. The most challenging test was Oliver Lehmann – 175 questions. I scored 131/175 = 75%. I felt I was ready for the real thing.
10. I was able to finish my exam in 1 hr and 25 mins and used the rest of the time to revise twice. Also, I noted during the exam that atleast 120/150 answers were correct while 10 were close to correct and the other 20 were doubtful. I’m guessing my exam score would be definitely between 80% and 90%.

Good Luck to all of you!

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PMPed on 1/26 SunRed

Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:33 am

After quite an eventful preparation and crazy schedule, I finally took the PMP exam on 26th Jan and cleared it. Got Proficient in 3 categories and Moderately Proficient in 3 categories.Preparation

1. PMBOK 4th edition – 3 readings (understanding the concepts & jargon was the primary focus)

2. PM Podcast – 2 times

3. Rita – one reading

4. Loads of practice tests


1. Take the PMI membership – get the PMBOK copy and exam fee discount

2. Get comfortable with PMBOK, not just the chapter but the glossary & annexure as well. They contain very informative concepts which we generally miss out

3. Having real time PM experience helped me a lot in answering situational questions

PMP Exam:

1. Out of 200 I got close to 9 math questions. Not a single EVM or complex calculations. Simple SPI/ CPI/ ROC questions

2. The longest question was 5 lines long, most of question were 3 lines long

3. All questions tested the conepts, very few very straight forward

4. It took me 2 hrs 30 minutes to complete my first round of answering 200 questions

5. I marked 24 & skipped 12 questions in first pass

6. Took a break for 10 minutes..ate a snack, relaxed collected my thoughts and went back

7. Took my time to answer all marked & skipped questions in the next 40 minutes. Ended the exam 10 minutes before time

8. Few questions were real bouncers, I figured they might be the test questions

All in all, feeling confident about your preparation and not worrying about missed questions is the key. Remember you only have to get 140 right out of 200.

All the best for everyone preparing for the exam.


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1 comment to 4 short LLs, 1 CAPM 3 PMP

  • Kara


    You mentioned that, one need 140 right answer to pass.

    My question is that, If I get right 140 0r 150 right answer but one knowledge area ZERO right answer- Will I get pass result?