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VP Jain: Passed PMP by Sheer Fear of Failure

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Hi All,

I would like to thank everyone in this forum and my family,friends and colleagues for their contributions.
Not going to provide a detailed LL because many of them had already documented, but i will state what i did different.


1. Started informing my friends, colleagues and my manager that i am going to take the PMP examinations. I am from the IT field and my team members are either “Certified Microsoft Professionals” or “Certified Java Professionals”. So for some who did not know about PMI i had to explain them about it and importance of certification.

2. Two weeks before the examination i had the list of all the people whom i have informed and it was around 50 and out of which more than 25 of them interact with me everyday. So every time before the preparation i will read the Reasons You Might Fail the Exam by Rita Mulcahy from PMP Exam Prep

and what reason i am going to provide if i am not going to make it . Prepared the list with the name and the reason for failure.

“It is better to pass rather than finding reasons to fail” – my personal thought that registered in my mind.
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Live Online PMP Class
3. The sheer fear of failing the exam made me alert while going through the PMBOK guide and strengthening my weak areas.

4. After reading the PMBOK guide took notes for each of the knowledge areas and recorded it by reading it loudly to my iPhone, so that i can review while travelling. Requested my wife to read the notes and all the Glossary terms and asked her to tell something after each term or important note like

      a. Are you listening or sleeping ?
      b. Did you understand or just nodding your head as usual
      c. Please concentrate.
      d. Provide explanation for some of the topics by giving examples for some of the formulas in “Time”, “Cost”, “Risk” and “Procurement”management.
      e. Some motivational thoughts and very personal ones

5. Took the examination without much fear because i overcame that by preparing well.

      a.During the first 15 minutes wrote the process interaction from page 43 of PMBOK guide and all the formulas.
      b.Went through all the questions before starting to answer, just to be prepared and expect the unexpected. ( 15 min)
      c.Marked the questions which i had doubt and wrote the question number and main KA related to it, but answered it for just in case.
      d.30 minutes before the exam finished all the questions.
      e.Reviewed the answers for marked questions.
    f.Got the result as pass.

6. Informed my wife and my kids [ i told them and even they were asking me everyday about my preparation
Updated the information to all those who were in the list.

Finally i would like to thank “GOD” for giving me the strength and the perseverance.

[NOTE: If you want to follow my approach, please follow it at your own discretion because if you are not going to make it you need to have a valid reason]

All the best !
V P Jain

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1 comment to VP Jain: Passed PMP by Sheer Fear of Failure

  • Gurunath M., PMP


    That was a nice LL.

    Just wanted to understand one thing :
    >b.Went through all the questions before starting to answer, just to be prepared and expect the unexpected. ( 15 min)

    U went through *ALL* 200 questions before starting to answer the first question?