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    Mukund Gorla: Cleared PMP. Sharing my experience

    Number of View: 4358

    I have cleared PMP yesterday. Sharing my experience below.
    1. I read PMBOK and RITA MULCAHY’s book twice. First reading took me around 40
    days and second reading was completed in about 20 days. Took me 2 months to
    complete this. At this point, I haven’t answered any questions apart from the
    one’s in RITA’s book. My confidence level wasn’t great at this point.

    2. Started taking exams in various sites and got to know my strengths and weak
    areas. Was focussing on weak areas and started building confidence.

    3. The best part of my preparation started now. Every time I make a mistake, I
    tried to understand the gap between my understanding and what the question is
    talking about. I spent a lot of time doing this and it helped me. This is very
    challenging. Infact I was happy when I did more mistakes during practice
    sessions, the only reason being I get a chance to learn more. I have the
    tendency to skip the questions which are going right without reading the
    justification. This should not have been done.

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    4. Its not just the practice that helped me, but the way I learned the subject
    from every mistake I did. When I read PMBOK for the 3rd time a week before the
    exam, I totally enjoyed the content because I got used to the terms and their


    1. I scheduled the appointment at 12.00 PM as that is the only slot available on
    that day of exam. I arrived the exam centre at 11.30 AM and I was told that I
    can start the exam early if I want to. I decided to start early, but by the time
    I finished putting brain dump onto paper, it was 11.45 AM and the exam has

    2. It took me around 10 minutes to get used to the exam atmosphere. I completed
    the 1st 100 questions in 1 hr 20 min. Since I have another 2 hr 40 min left, I
    spent more time on the remaining questions and did them very carefully giving a
    lot of importance to every question and its choices. The way most of the
    questions are framed is really good and tests your understanding of the subject.

    My impression is that every question should be read thoroughly including all
    the answers !! Instant answers that comes to our mind after reading the
    question may or may not be present.

    Few tips to PMP Aspirants:
    Practicing a lot of questions from various sources is required and definitely
    helps but at the same time, You should focus on understanding the context in
    which the question is asked and then apply your knowledge. Managing the time is
    also crucial. Take the 4 hour practice tests seriously and you should be good
    for the final exam.

    Reading the books and material after doing multiple practice tests will help you
    memorize certain things. Taking some notes about the important points while
    reading and the ones you are having difficulty to remember is another good
    practice. There is lot of good material available in internet. Don’t break your
    head in deciding which one is good and comparing one with another. Referring to
    lot of material may / may not help either. More than the material, its your
    understanding of the subject, hard work and dedication that will help you clear
    the PMP.

    Subscribing to yahoogroups, pm prepcast and pmbootcamp helped me because I used
    to get many sample questions everyday and many useful tips.

    Good Luck for all those who are aspiring to be PMP and Hearty Congratulations to
    those who have cleared the exam.

    Personally, I benefited from reading PMBOK, RITA’s PM Exam Prep book, PMStudy
    practice test and Cornelius Fichtner’s daily updates from their site.


    Try to schedule an appointment time in such a way that the exam either finishes
    before lunch time OR starts after lunch time so that you wont feel hungry during
    the exam. The first thing I did after finishing my exam was, I immediately
    opened my lunch box and finished all the food in less than 5 minutes as if I am
    participating in a food competition. You can imagine how hungry I am !!!

    Signing off with a great relief.

    Special thanks to my brother and wife who have really helped me during my

    Mukund Gorla

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    4 comments to Mukund Gorla: Cleared PMP. Sharing my experience

    • Congratulations Mukund. I hope the experience was worth the while. I know you are aware of PDUs. I recommend you start gathering them now, and not to wait till the last minute. You can also visit Cornelius Fichtner’s site for more details, or you cann find the links to a lot more in my blog.

      Alexius Emejom, PMP

    • Prakash Reddy

      Congradulations Mukund. Thanks for sharing such a valuable info.

    • Surya Prasad

      Congratulations Mukund.
      Thanks for sharing your experience in detail.
      That inspires me to GO for it.

    • VJ

      Congrats mukund..much useful information. Thx

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