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PMProg: Passed the PgMP Exam

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Passed the Exam today!!. On second attempt, should I be successful on MRA process probably would be the first person in Ghana and in West Africa..
It was a shock to have passed after the exam timed out on the last question. What a relief!!. The exam was very challenging even on the second attempt unlike my PMP exam I completed in half the time.

Thanks to Roshan Prakash at Ikompass for the patience, support and availing himself throughout the period. Over 6 months, on and off due to busy schedule and 3 weeks of serious preparation for second attempt.

My Journey:
My first attempt was in April. In my first attempt a greater percentage of the questions were from SPMV1. I wrote to PMI to complain. They did not accept responsibility. My suggestion to PMI would be for them to have two versions of the exam concurrently whenever they are transitioning from an old standard to a new standard so that people could opt for a choice until a complete transition is made to the new edition.
This is an expensive exam and would be frustration to enter the exam and be confused if it was what one prepared for.

In any case I passed at last. No issues!. The good news is that, this has been sorted by PMI I saw only 2 questions from SPMV1 on my exam which I got right. I read SPMV1 2 times.

Exam materials and Tips.
Read SPMV2 and Exam Specification several times. Mimimum 3 times paying special attention to Communication, Stakeholder Management and Governance.
Exam Spes helps to understand what should hapen in each stage. Was helpful to me.
Materials Read:
• IKompass Online Course – A very good starting point before I embarked on the standard..
• Handbook for Program Management ( Read twice – highly recommended) James T. Brown
• PMP Exam Prep 6th Edition – Quality and HR – optional – Rita Mulcahy
• Project Management A Systems approach to planning, scheduling and controlling -Harold Kerzner’s (Useful source for Organisational structure and culture)
• Fact Solution Question Bank – Lenghty scenarios close to exam scenarios.
• Ucertify -They refund if you do not pass. So no issues if purchased

On the whole a big Thanks to all contributors on Linkedin and PMHub, Now preparing for MRA.


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