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    Abhay Kulkarni: Passed PMP May 14

    Number of View: 5054

    Hi All,
    I passed my first attempt on May 14th.

    This forum helped me a lot to prepare for my PMP.. I want give back and share my experience and some advice to the future aspirants.

    As you must be aware the PMP exam pattern is changing in August not sure how much of this will still be releavent but here it goes…

    Lesson #1 –  The PMP is easy!! me it is easy!..the answer is staring right at you..all you need to do is pick it..

    Here is the catch -

    Lesson #2 –  Most of the questions are situational – they will require you to reconstruct the sitation, analzye the information, look at all the options (Yes – you have to read all options, else you will fail)and then select the best one.

    Lesson # 3 – More than one option appears to be right..but trust me, there is only one best your mental re-construcion of the situation the time-line is super critical, as PM process occur in a particular have to understand what phase, timeline the question refers to..this will help you eliminate some obvious options that feel to be the right one..

    Lesson # 4 – I did not do this – but I will bet a $1,000 that you can pass this exam by cramming Rita’s book..of course you will have to invest a lot of time and effort which will be counterproductive (I always wanted to use this word!) if you are a working professional..But the bottom line is that you can pass this exam with some basic PM knowledge and a lot of cramming and memorization. But I am sure if you plan to use this certification as a way to become a better PM you would want to understand and learn all the PMI material without just cramming it..

    Lesson # 5 - If you do not have experience managing large (PMI has a definition of large) projects (I do not!) you will have a very tough time if you just refer to the need Rit’s book trust me on this..PMBOK is like a summary of Rita’s book…you can skim over it or use it for memorization of the ITTO’s

    This is how I studied -

    Total study time – 80 hrs
    Rita’s book –  Read 2 times
    Completed all excercises in Rita’s book
    Skimmed over PMBOK once
    Memorized some ITTO’s

    Some final comments -

    I got a lot of questions on Risk Management – I think it was more than what I was expecting.

    Focus on Execution.

    Ethics questions are very wordy..mark them and come back

    Dont get bogged down by questions that require you to calculate things..I got only 5-10 of them..and looking at bigger picture you can pass the PMP even if you get some wrong..dont spend too much time on these

    Calculations are very easy

    Rita’s book is the best

    ** The most important - I am going to leave you with this …Do not..and I mean absolutely do not overstudy…this exam is easy!…you will mess up if you try to memorize too much or try to get 200/200…Good luck to all future aspirants!

    More than 25,000 PMP aspirants passed the exam with PMPrepcast. More info? Click THIS

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    8 comments to Abhay Kulkarni: Passed PMP May 14

    • Raghavendra Navale


      Thanks for the LL am taking the PMP exam tommorrow

      Will share my thoughts & experience as well


    • Hi Raghav:

      I am sure you will do well tomorrow. Pls write your LL… and PMHUB will publish this next week

    • SM

      Passed PMP today 20th May 2011

      Study time – 10 days ( last day 12 hrs stusy with leave and went to office all other days)
      Total Study Time – 40-50 hrs

      Read this blog and went directly to trial test sites and Rita test and Andy Crow test

      Score before study
      PMstudy 60-75%
      Rita – 69%
      Andy – 66%

      After Study (PMBOK -1 scan Rita -1 scan and 1 detailed , Andy -1 scan and 1 detailed)
      Rita 78%
      Andy – 85%
      PMstudy – 74.14%

      Went and gave exam today – Exam time 2 hrs 45 mts and review 15-20 mts

      Result – Proficient -1
      Others – average proficient – 4
      Social Ethics – Below ( I got tough ones and no amount of prep would help here -random computer selection)

      Result -PASS

      Hope it helps the new aspirants


    • Atul

      Hey Thanks Abhay for LLs.

      Raghav : Pls share your LLs.

    • Atul

      To The moderator & Others who passed the exam:

      Please let me know if Qs on exam have key words like NOT , MOST, EXCEPT, LEAST written in capital letters as they are on most of the books & exam sites??

    • hasan

      How is Head First PMP book? and where can i download free PMBOK [4th edition] Guide or do i need to purchase it?

    • Atul: If my memory of 10 yrs ago was correct: YES

    • PMP

      Good tips. Thanks for sharing. I also think the key to pass the PMP exam is to understand the concepts of the PMBOK Guide that the PMP exam is based on. You must answer the questions within the framework of the PMBOK Guide.

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