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R. Mettupalli: Passed PMP Exam on August 20th 2011. Lesson Learned

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I cleared my PMP exam on 20th August 2011.
Total Time spent: 3 Months

1. Rita Mulcahy’s 6th Edition. It is good book. You need to read atleast once completely.
Here is Rita’s Link
2. PMBOK 4th edition. It is presented in dry format but gives all ITTO correctly. It comes with your PMI membersip.
3. Subscribed to PMPrepCast. It is very podcast material and it is useful if you are driving to work everyday atleast for 30 minutes. you could well use of that time by listening to podcast.
Also gave me 35 hours of online contact certificate, more than worth for the money spent.

Link to PM Prepcast

4. Subscribed to PM Exam Simulator for practice questions. It has lot of good questions and really worth for your money.

Link to PMP Exam Simulator

Free Resources:
1. Member of
2. Enrolled for PMP newsletter from Cornelius Fichtner – A daily email with a brief summary of one topic and followed by a question – Good one.

1. Headfirst 200 questions
2. PMExamSimulator — contains more than 1800 questions

Lessons Learned:
1. Understand concepts clearly especially tools and techniques. Make sure you do Google search on diagrams to understand better. It is worth looking at pictures in some studies and how they really help in real world.
2. Exam was rather easy than what I had anticipated. Prepare well and practice questions.
Most of the exam questions were not lengthy. Do not take all kinds of online questions. Most of them are not worth spending time. Subscribe any one paid online questions bank.
3. Be confident. 4 hours is lot of time for exam. I was able to finish exam in less than 3 hours and had lot of spare time to review.
4. Do not spend too much time on brain dump. Really it is not much of use. I never used in the exam. Think of this way, if you had remembered on to write on paper, you should be able to use it on exam without any problem. It is very important not stress yourself. Take it confidence and you will clear exam without any issues.

5. One or two books, one podcast, and one exam simulator for practice questions. This should be more than enough to pass exam.

6. One last thing, I really enjoyed reading summary Excel sheet points from Cherries & Chad

Good Luck.

More than 25,000 PMP aspirants passed the exam with PMPrepcast. More info? Click THIS

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