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Joe Schembri: How to Get Your Break in Project Management

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One of the great things about becoming a project manager is that you can enter the field from many different points. Some professionals begin with a business degree and complete internships and volunteer to gain more experience. Other professionals move into project management from an entry level job and then seek additional education. No matter if you start with your education first, or experience, you’ll want to network in order to get the best opportunities. Here are some tips for making connections that can lead to great project management jobs now and in the future.

1. Stay Connected

 Take advantage of networking groups – they’re filled with great possibilities!


2. Participate in a Blog

 Keep up to date on hot topics and new trends!

§  http://www.pmhub.net/wp/

3. Take an Online Class

  •  Learn new information and meet industry leaders and goal-minded peers!

§  http://www.villanovau.com/online-courses/pmp-certification.aspx

4. Visit Online Forums

  • Hear what others in your specialty are talking about and weigh in on important topics!

§  http://pmhub.net/forums/


5. Volunteer

  • Gain invaluable résumé skills by helping others!

§  http://www.pmi.org/Get-Involved/Volunteer-Opportunities.aspx


Pulling it all Together – Building a Great Career Path

Sometimes it can be discouraging to look at employment ads and discover that you do not have all the skills and education you’d like to have to be competitive for the best jobs. The main thing to remember is that even the most elite project managers started somewhere as an entry level professional. Today’s project managers have the greatest career boosting tool of all time – the Internet.

Through professional organizations and project management forums, project managers can seek out important career opportunities while gaining valuable insight into current trends in the field. Through online blogs, professionals of all levels can engage in meaningful dialogue about issues that are important to the field.


Combine Education and Networking for Big ROI

Online courses provide another strong career building opportunity. While everyone knows a course will bring you more information, few take advantage of the whole experience. Online courses at regionally accredited schools are taught by industry leaders who are usually very well connected. The instructors are great resources for tips about organizations to join and seminars to attend. Events like job fairs are often posted on the school’s website, too. In addition to the access to an instructor’s knowledge, you also have the added bonus of the resource library of materials that come along with the course. Networking with peers in the course can also provide a worthwhile and long term affiliation as you build your professional career.



The Internet is a powerful ally to build up your project management skill set and experience. Engaging in a multi-faceted strategic plan to boost résumé potential means utilizing all the resources available to you – best of all these tools are highly cost effective, most are even free! It is easier now than ever before to show a potential employer that you are actively engaged in your own career development plan. Offering a great balance of education, experience, and professional service can set you apart from peers competing for the same jobs. Creating a plan and engaging in a well-thought out career development plan can lead to a project management career providing longevity and prosperity for decades to come. Go ahead – start clicking away to a brighter future right now!


This article was submitted by Joe Schembri from Bisk Education. Bisk was founded in 1971 by Nathan Bisk, and partners with some of the nation’s leading schools such as Villanova University to facilitate their online programs. Villanova Online offers programs such as their project management certificationprep courses along with other professional studies.

More than 20,000 PMP aspirants passed the PMP Exam with PMPrepcast. More info? Click THIS

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