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John P. Reiling: The One Thing You Must Have for Project Success.

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It’s where the “rubber meets the road.” It’s what can make you indisputably an “elite project manager,” Rubber-meets-the-roadrising high above the pack. It’s the one critical ingredient you need – and lots of it! – if you are to succeed as a Project Manager.It’s the stuff of leadership…and easy to understand, but not necessarily easy to implement – but does not actually have to be hard.

This “stuff” is DISCIPLINE, and it’s more rare that you might think – making YOU all the more valuable if you have more of it. It’s just plain a valuable, precious commodity!

And here’s why…

DISCIPLINE is the key to your success today, right now, because:

  1. There are more distractions than ever! It takes supreme DISCIPLINE to manage distractions.
  2. You and I have more than enough choices! It’s our job to “separate the wheat from the chaff”…and that takes DISCIPLINE.
  3. We need to prioritize – you, together with your stakeholders. Setting those priorities…and sticking to them…takes DISCIPLINE.
  4. As individuals and as a team…we need to do the tough tasks first…and that takes DISCIPLINE.
  5. There is a tendency to do the new, the different, the exciting…to the exclusion of the boring – which often is where the value lies! Doing the boring – but valuable – stuff takes DISCIPLINE!

You might ask, “How can I attain a higher level of DISCIPLINE…to give me an edge?”

Here are some ideas for you…to develop more of the precious commodity of DISCIPLINE…with less pain.

The simple, bare bones answer is…

“Just keep in mind, all the time, that 20% OF YOUR EFFORTS WILL PRODUCE 80% OF YOUR RESULTS.

While you are planning or executing on your project, ask yourself constantly if your project – tasks, team, goals – is aligned to this simple but universal truth…and in the process you will gain DISCIPLINE to do the right thing and produce results to your liking.

Try it! You’ll like it!

John Reiling, PMP

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