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    All about PMI-ACP, only for the Agile

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    Everything you need to know about PMI-ACP but afraid to ask: prerequisite, costs, are you eligible?

    Everything you need to know about PMI-ACP

    Having and using the 7 items in next article will ensure you are prepared to meet the exam head-on and achieve optimal results both on exam day [...]

    Cornelius Fichtner, PMP: The 7 Things You Need to Pass the PMI-ACP Exam

    Number of View: 377

    The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has developed a set of criteria and credentials for recognizing project management professionals who use Agile methodologies in their project, the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification. The credentialing process is fairly rigorous, including: 2,000 hours or twelve months of general [...]

    Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM: How To Become PMI-ACP Certified Even After A Disappointing Class

    Felix Rodgers explains how he passed his PMI-ACP exam, despite a disappointing start with a classroom course. [...]

    John P. Reiling, PMP: Thinking About Thinking

    Number of View: 662

    john reilingStop ThinkingWhether you are a practicing PM, or an aspiring PMP, why not take a break for a minute, sit back…and think about thinking!

    OK, let’s start with a quick mind stretcher. To stretch your [...]

    John P. Reiling, PMP: Fine Wine, PM Skills, and PMP Certification

    Number of View: 716

    It takes time to become a seasoned and effective project manager, and PM certification can help you get there.

    You may view CAPM, PMP, or any other PM certification simply as a means to an end. The trick is to keep your eye on two “ends”, or goals: near term and long [...]

    John P. Reiling, PMP: Soft Skills Make the Difference

    Number of View: 904

    The Pareto Principle, or 80:20 rule, says that we get 80% of the results from 20% of our effort or actions.

    …but what is the right 20%?


    John P. Reiling, PMP: MS Project 2010 Certification

    Number of View: 923

    Microsoft certifications are a bit like a moving target. Microsoft Project certification is a good case in point.

    The Microsoft exam 70-178, “Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects,” is being retired on January 31, 2014. This means that the exam will no longer be given for MS Project 2010 (it will for MS [...]

    John P. Reiling, PMP – list of articles

    Number of View: 774

    john reilingA collection of the John P Reiling articles on Project Management, Certifications and various topics related to Project Management


    Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM – On Certifications and PDU

    Number of View: 842

    Want to know more on PM Certifications and how to fulfill your PDU? Cornelius will explain these topics to you through his writings; Cornelius is the author and founder of PM Prepcast and other podcast that guide thousands of PMP aspirants for certifications. (some are listed [...]

    Jim Owens, PMP – various Project Management articles

    Number of View: 568

    Jim Owens, PMP

    Jim Owens, PMP

    A wide variety of topics – all covered in style by Jim Owens, PMP 


    David Kohrell – articles on Project Management

    Number of View: 565

    kohrellA list of great articles from David Kohrell, PMP on Project Management topics


    John P. Reiling, PMP: Three Triggers Reveal Whether You Need a Certification

    Number of View: 731

    It’s a New Year. Time to set some new goals. Maybe there is a job you want…or a particular role, set of activities, or work environment…or maybe you just want to earn more money!

    In all cases, you want to advance…and would like to take control and do something about it.

    And [...]