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    tennis16: CAPM LL, May 2013, Passed 1st Try, Study 3 weeks only!

    Number of View: 2313

    Before we get started, let me get this straight…. I personally read a lot of LLs prior to the exam and I know what it is like for others. I hope this will be one of the most effective LL that you will ever seen because frankly it works for me and [...]

    The new PMBOK 5 and PMP/CAPM Exam – when and what? Updated Feb 24, 2013

    PMI is scheduled to publish the 5th Edition of the PMBOK® Guide on Jan 1, 2013 and we can expect the PMP and CAPM exams to change on the third quarter of 2013. So practically we have about 6 months to deal with PMP/CAPM Exam based on PMBOK 4 [...]

    Hmohareb: CAPM Passed! Detailed LLs

    Number of View: 2652

    Please note that the content of this post was written on the day I completed the exam. Sorry for posting it a while later, I was on a vacation :lol: ,,,


    Oramirez: Lessons Learned for CAPM ( at 22 – no PMBOK)

    Number of View: 4261

    Had my exam yesterday and PASSED :) I’m 22 years old, started working as a QA PM in january (I’m a Telecommunications Engineer and I develop software – my IT experience let them give me a try)


    Little1: My Lessons Learned for CAPM

    Number of View: 5128

    I did my exam last Wednesday and I unfortunately did not pass.


    GoldenKnight: CAPM exam passed today, LL

    Number of View: 4458

    Today I passed the CAPM exam! Here are my Lessons Learned.


    Densin: CAPM LL – passed

    Number of View: 3328

    Hello everybody! I have passed the CAMP exam today, and here is my lessons learned.


    BenHeld: I passed – September 5, 2011

    Number of View: 3749

    Hey All,

    I’ve been lurking here for a while, and wanted to add to some of the lively discussion here. :-)


    Gavin Yip: Target 30 Aug 2011 and I passed CAPM today!

    Number of View: 3975

    Great thanks to PMHub and all the FREE resources made available from all contributors!

    I’ve been thinking about getting a project management certification for a while. Did not really act on it as I gave myself all sort of excuses. Then I discovered PMHub at the beginning of August and more strikingly [...]

    Vrman: CAPM Passed Lessons Learned

    Number of View: 5577

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently passed my CAPM exam on my first try. It was a long study process which involved several hours of reading a night to fully understand the PM methodologies and processes. At first I was bogged down by the amount of material (Over 12 chapters, 42 processes, 9 Knowledge [...]

    Sunish Chabba: CAPM exam Lessons Learned

    Number of View: 5945

    Sat May 14, 2011 7:14 am

    I guess it is about time I put in my 2 cents of CAPM wisdom. When I went through a post on “Lessons Learned” last month on, at that time somewhere deep down, I will post my experience soon. Today, I cleared CAPM and I’m [...]

    4 short LLs, 1 CAPM 3 PMP

    Number of View: 2703

    Athar passed PMP You have oceans of Lessons Learned already in the forum, but very briefly here are some useful points to share with the exam takers:

    1. First do just one complete study of PMBoK guide and any other material, then soon after this try to give one good full length [...]