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    Sridhar Peddisetty:My Journey towards achieving PgMP Credential

    Number of View: 7446

    In this post I am sharing my journey towards achieving Project Management Institute (PMI)’s PgMP® Credential. Certification process for this credential had been an exhaustive process. Following is the complete process from inception to completion of getting PgMP® certified


    PMProg: Passed the PgMP Exam

    Number of View: 4735

    Passed the Exam today!!. On second attempt, should I be successful on MRA process probably would be the first person in Ghana and in West Africa..


    SridharPeddisetty: My LLs after passing the PgMP Exam

    Number of View: 5140

    I will be sharing more elaborate Lessons Learned later but for now I would like to share few points. I hope they are useful for those aspiring to give the exam soon.


    Roger Chou, PgMP: The “Synergy “ Of Program Management

    Number of View: 21210

    Roger Chou PgMP

    What do we mean by “Synergy”? Is it just a fantasy? What are the differences between Program Management and Project Management?


    Rajesh Panwar: PgMP Lesson Learnt

    Number of View: 2921

    A ‘gruelling subjective’ exam requiring an in-depth knowledge of the program PMI terminology/theory.


    Rick(PMLogics): PgMP – Do Not Underestimate the MRA

    Number of View: 3784

    Do not underestimate getting the MRA survey completed for the final stage of the PgMP process. Unless all your raters are under the same roof, I found it difficult to verify who had completed the 74 question survey and who had not.


    roger Chou, PgMP:The Road to PgMP

    Number of View: 3075

    RCUnlike the PMP, which is mainly concerned with proper planning and making the least changes to ongoing projects, the PgMP philosophy requires senior managers to be flexible and adaptable, as they seek business opportunities in ever-changing market environments. In our training center, there have been quite a few [...]

    Xavier: Passed PgMP exam 3-March-09… Thank God!!

    Number of View: 12236

    Dear PMHub colleagues;

    Happy to inform that I took and passed the PgMP exam yesterday…. Thank God!

    The experience was very similar to other posts in the Hub. It is definitively a ‘gruelingly subjective’ exam in which not only you have to know the program PMI terminology/theory but also substantial experience handling [...]

    Arindam: Phew! Passed PgMP (PgMP Lessons Learned)

    Number of View: 8345

    Friends, I have not posted on this forum before but regularly visited to get guidance on PgMP exam prep. Happy to report I passed the test yesterday which I must admit was a relief not knowing if I was adequately prepared.


    K Pierce: PgMP Study Material Review

    Number of View: 6209

    I have read the following materials or at least reviewed them enough to give my honest and non-bias feedback to others going through the dilemma I went through while preparing for my PgMP Exam. I think I really over spent on study materials. NOTE: I have NOT passed the PgMP exam at [...]