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Balraj: Passed PMP on 11-02-11

Number of View: 13420

I cleared the PMP exam in first attempt on 11th Feb. I would like to thank everyone in this Forum for the help that I got; specifically, the lesson learned posts helped me to plan better for the exam.


Asad Naqvi: Passed the PMP Exam 23-01-2011

Number of View: 10049

It gives me immense pleasure to share the news that I have passed the PMP exam on 23rd January 2011. Sorry, for the delay in sharing the information and Lessons Learned.


A-KS: Passed my PMP on Jan 27

Number of View: 10598

I passed my PMP a couple of days back. This forum has given me a lot of help. So thought of sharing.


Jiri Khun: My PMP Exam Lessons Learned 5.1.2011

Number of View: 51502



Preparation for the exam

On Wednesday, 5.1.2011 after several months of study I successfully passed my PMP certification. I would like to summarize my lessons learned from my preparation beginning my preparation and finishing with written exam.


SScortan: Passed PMP Exam Dec 2010 – Romania

Number of View: 11367

I have just passed PMP exam and I want to share with you my lessons learned:


Christoph Piotrowski: Tips & Hints – passed the PMP Exam in Hamburg Nov 29, 2010

Number of View: 14773After studying for PMP I passed my exam last Monday (November 29th). Before the exam I have read a lot of LL’s and got a lot of hints that helped me during my preparations (so in fact reading LL’s would be my first recommendation?). Now I would like to say thanks to […]

VP Jain: Passed PMP by Sheer Fear of Failure

Number of View: 8191

Hi All,

I would like to thank everyone in this forum and my family,friends and colleagues for their contributions. Not going to provide a detailed LL because many of them had already documented, but i will state what i did different.


4 short LLs, 1 CAPM 3 PMP

Number of View: 5881

Athar passed PMP You have oceans of Lessons Learned already in the forum, but very briefly here are some useful points to share with the exam takers:

1. First do just one complete study of PMBoK guide and any other material, then soon after this try to give one good full length […]

Akbar: Passed PMP 20/7/10, Do Not Forget Your Exam Date!

Number of View: 7728

As you can read on the title, yes I did actually forgot the date of my exam, but we’ll get to that part later. Annoying as it should, I did pass the exam (how can a man who forgot about his exam date can pass?). I hit MP (Moderately Proficient) on all […]

KS: Passed PMP July 27, 2010

Number of View: 11656

I Passed my PMP exam on July 27th


Muthu Andavan: I Cleared PMP Exam!

Number of View: 12751

Yesterday I cleared my PMP exam; I was Feb 2010 batch of IIPM. My special thanks to Mr.Ari and Selvan, my batch mate Mr.Supriya Mitra who helped for my PMP preparation.


Samthi: Passed the PMP Exam – Be Ready for Surprises!

Number of View: 9984

I passed PMP exam in June 2. Below is how I went about preparing.


Laszlo J.Kremmer: Passed my PMP exam on 17/06/2010 in Budapest, Hungary

Number of View: 9621

Dear PMP Aspirants!

I am happy to announce that I passed my PMP exam on 17/06/2010, that is to say this Thursday. I can not describe that feeling when I saw the “Congratulations” message on my screen. My studying process and technique […]

Shabarish: Just got the PMP after my name

Number of View: 16585

I completed my PMP on 18 Jan 10. At this moment I would like to thank PMHUB since I was a regular reader of the PMHUB forums and specially the LL’s section on your website which helped me in my preparation especially few days before my exam.


Gurpuneet Kaur Sethi: Passed PMP on 28-May-2010

Number of View: 17880

I am glad to share with you all that I cleared the PMP certification exam in my first attempt on the 28th-May-2010. It’s a great sense of satisfaction and achievement, to add the three words “PMP” behind my name :D .

I would like to share my […]

Surajit Mondal: Passed PMP on 20 May, 2010

Number of View: 17955

Hi All, I passed PMP on 20th May 2010. I would like to share my experiences for the PMP exam preparation.


M Gurunath: PMP as of May 13, 2010

Number of View: 8160

As of 13 May, 2010 I am PMP v4 Certified. I have to say the experience was very satisfying and relieving.

I would like to share my experience with all.


Apex: Passed my PMP Exam on May 3, 2010

Number of View: 8792

Hi, I passed my PMP exam on Monday (1st attempt). Here is what I did.


Akbar Raja: Passed PMP Exam in Dubai

Number of View: 26532

Glad to let you know, I passed the PMP exams in Dubai from Prometric Testing Centre at the first attempt. (note from PMHUB admin: this Ll was edited and any inaccuracies may be due to the editing process)


Prasanna Sampathkumar: Passed the exam on April 15, 2010 – Lessons Learned

Number of View: 6322

Hi Everyone

I passed the exam on last Thursday (April 15, 2010). I am extremely happy and excited to add those 3 letters to my name. I have studied hard and achieved this. Thanks to all my friends who supported me and cornelius, without the prepcast it would not have been possible.


Prasanth: Passed the toughest exam I had taken in my life …

Number of View: 17635

First of all “THANK GOD”..Thatz all what I can say after I cleared my PMP exam based on PMBOK 4 on 5 Apr 2010.I just cleared it very narrowly.”IT IS THE TOUGHEST EXAM THAT I HAD TAKEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE”.


K. Dutt: My Long Journey into PMP

Number of View: 7599

I passed my PMP certification exam on the 18th of Feb 2010 and wanted to share my journey towards PMP so all those PMP aspirants can take away some tips to crack the exam.


Sharon Yuen: Passed PMP on 23 Feb, 2010

Number of View: 18383

Thanks for your LLs! I was planning to get PM Fastrack. Luckily it was always out of stock from the popular online bookstores. After reading through your LLs, I decided to use a number of practice exams rather than one single source. In summary, I used the following materials for my 2-month […]

Gwennie: Passed PMP 1st Try Oct 8

Number of View: 6893

In a nutshell this is what I did to succeed: Made a study plan for what to read, when to read, and when I’d be taking my exam. I began this whole process in mid-May and just took the exam today, October 8th so as you can see this was a several […]

John Varghes: Passed PMP October 10, 2009 on my 1st try

Number of View: 7303

I am extremely happy to say that I passed the exam on my 1st try.


Ashley Larson, PMP as of 9/18/09

Number of View: 9043

I am happy to report that I took the PMP exam on September 18th, 2009 and passed on my first try! I found the lessons learned on PMHUB Blog to be extremely useful during my test preparation, so I wanted to do my part and share my experience.